why you need pre-need millipede prospecting

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If there’s one critter known for creepy crawlies, it’s the lowly millipede.

Contrary to what you might think they,

a) don’t have a 1000 legs (750 tops) and,

b) they aren’t insanely poisonous or dangerous.

Nevertheless, they are one bug-ugly varmint that I wouldn’t want loitering anywhere near me.

However, they do offer value as a model for the kind of PROSPECTING your pre-need business should use:  MULTI-STEP and in a big way.

Whereas most pre-need sellers and/or funeral/cemetery businesses send out one-shot flyers, ads, letters, etc. you’d be smart to model the MULTI-STEP approach in your efforts to get in front of your prospects.

One-step selling is very difficult.

Sure, it’s what everyone dreams of – the PERFECT brochure that’ll sell the pre-arrangement – but in reality, it’s rarely going to happen.

So when the economics of your efforts, the time and resources it costs you, it’s always better to continue to try to make the sale over multiple steps.


Because that is only the first step.

The second step is to get in front of your prospect.

You’d better be fully prepared or you’ll waste the presentation opportunity.

And leads have value.

So when you think about the economics, all the money and time you’ve invested to get in front of your prospect,

It’s always better to have the best presentation (rehearsed and ready to go) before you meet your prospect.

Because most everyone thinks they’re selling a product or service.

When they’re actually presenting a problem and solution by incorporating the prospect’s own experience into the equation.

Multi-step allows you to ease the burden on any ONE step… that way no one step has to do too much of, the “heavy lifting” to make the sale.

Multi-step has the added benefit of allowing the prospect to feel like he/she is the one doing the choosing.

That’s why the presentation step is so important.

Your prospect feels they can move forward or quit at any time.

It makes them feel like they’re in control.

This is totally different from feeling like you’re being chased by someone trying to SELL you.

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Happy Selling!





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