7 Tips to get referrals naturally and easily

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Below are seven tips to get referrals easily and naturally.

Referrals are golden.  Most won’t even ask for a referral.  It can be awkward.  The more comfortable you are asking….the more successful you’ll be in getting referrals.

But, the real key is to ask without asking.  The best place to ask is to bring up names of people during the presentation.  Key questions like:

“If something happened to you today, who would be the first person in your home?”

I have materials on the catalog page that deal with referrals.  The “Starter Package”, (Mining Your Natural Market), is a great place to begin.

Anyway, below are seven tips beginning with number seven and ending with number one.

Number #7:

Forget the idea of “I’ll provide great service first, than get the referral”. 

Your prospect won’t be able to experience great service while alive.  It is after your Prospect dies that your company will provide the services you sold.

Get your referrals in advance.  Don’t wait or hope for a better day.

Number #6:

Follow-up immediately with the referral and acknowledge the individual who gave you the referral.

Number #5:

Offer an incentive to get the referral (make sure it is moral, ethical and legal).

Number #4:

Make it easy for your prospect to give you referrals. 

Think of your prospect as a 700 pound blob sitting on the lazy-boy-recliner, television channel changer in one hand and a cold beer in the other hand.

Number #3:

Ask for referrals in you stay-in-touch program and especially in your monthly newsletter.

Number #2:

Ask for referrals in all of your follow-up correspondence including your “thank you” notes.

Number #1:

This is the most obvious of them all.  Simple ask for referrals.  Ask and you shall receive.  If you don’t ask you’ll never get a referral.

Make asking for “referrals” part of your entire system of prospecting including presentations.  There are numerous places to ask for referrals during the presentation.

For more on referrals see the catalog page and Mining Your Natural Market.

Happy Selling!



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