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The Last Word On Newsletters

I have a Special FREE Offer for you.  More on that in a moment.

One last thing on newsletters.

Always use a checklist of what needs to be in the newsletters.

I’ve narrowed it down to 10 things on your checklist.

Dave’s Checklist of 10 Rules for Newsletters.

Checklist Rule Number 1:
Always include an offer in your newsletter. Each issue, no exceptions.

Checklist Rule Number 2:
Include a reason to respond to the offer.

Checklist Rule Number 3:
Make the instructions on how to respond easy and clear.

Checklist Rule Number 4:
Track your responses and who gets the newsletter

Checklist Rule Number 5:
The newsletter will not be about “branding the company you work for”. If anything that is a bi-product. Put your personality into the newsletter.

Checklist Rule Number 6:
The newsletter is a tool to acquire business. Don’t make it blatantly sales(ie).

Checklist Rule Number 7:
Produce your newsletter monthly. Don’t put out a newsletter one month and do nothing for the next 11.

Checklist Rule Number 8:
Make the newsletter interesting. The length isn’t as important and you need to consider how much time it will take you each month to do it.

Checklist Rule Number 9:
Make the newsletter format consistent. Paper color can vary but the format stays the same.

Checklist Rule Number 10:
Discipline, discipline, discipline. Did I mention discipline? Schedule in advance what your mailing dates will be and your deadlines for content.

A tip is to always mail the first, second, third or fourth week of the month. Consider the holidays near the end of the year including Thanksgiving. I’d recommend sending the first or second week of every month. Monday’s are a good day to mail, so the first or second Monday of every month.

I know I said 10 items on your checklist so here’s a few honorable mentions.

Tracking the responses of your newsletter is important because there is a cost to mailing a newsletter. You’ve got to check your ROI (return on investment).

Generally I’ll get a ½ to 3% response on my newsletters every month.

Obviously, I get sales off the newsletter so it isn’t difficult to add up the revenue and subtract the expense.


Now, for an important offer I’m making to each and every one of you out there.

This applies only in the U.S. so I’ll apologize in advance to those outside the country.

However I do have an alternative consolation Free(bie) for you.

Respond to this post with your name and address (address can be your home or office) and I’ll snail-mail you the follow-up newsletter I sent to the postcard mailing.

A reminder the postcard mailing was sent to folks we haven’t had contact with in 15 – 39 years.

Many of you know the postcard mailing had a huge response so I followed up with this newsletter.

Anyway, I’ll send it to you FREE and will include a short note of what I was trying to accomplishing in each section of the newsletter.

I’m going to black out certain parts of it but you’ll get the point.

Today is Thursday,

so here’s the deal

You may respond to this post under comments with your name and address by Monday, May 3rd, Midnight and I’ll send you the newsletter absolutely FREE.

Deadline is Monday, May 3, Midnight

That gives you 5 days to respond.  You do not have to be a Member or Subscriber.  Any reader of this post can respond.

As a special incentive I’ll include an extra note inside the newsletter explaining what I was trying to accomplish through out the newsletter.

In the note I’ll mention a special link you can get access to that will talk about more on this newsletter including the mechanics of putting it out what type of content I’m searching for and my own time-lines/deadlines.

If you live outside the United States send me your name and address and I’ll email you the special link.

Happy Selling!


P.S. Remember, send me an email by responding to this post (in the comments box) or the subscriber email and I’ll send you a snail-mail version of my newsletter.

P.P.S.  You’ve got until Monday, Midnight.  No exceptions and no excuses.  So quit dilly dallying around and do it before you forget.

It’s a FREE gift from me so take advantage of the offer.

Just do it…

Deadline is Monday, Midnight


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