The Best & Easiest Lead

February 5, 2014 by  

The absolute best lead you can ever get is “referral”.

Selling pre-arrangements is still one-on-one.

Your goal should be no less than 3 referrals for every presentation.

One strategy is to ask without asking.

During the “profile” there are opportunities to gather what I call “situational” names.

People think situation-ally.

If I asked you “who you know?” it is difficult for your Prospect to rattle off names.

However, if you ask your Prospect for situational names it is much easier.

Do you know the attorney who wrote your will?

Who’s your best friend that would help your (sister, brother, mother, etc) make
arrangements if something happened to you?

Throughout the presentation there are many opportunities to get what I call
situational names of people your prospect knows.

Prospects tend to connect names and occupations.

As you navigate the presentation there will be numerous opportunities to mention
situations and names of people within those situations.

Begin now to get referrals every time you meet with a couple/individual/family.

It is a referral mindset that will set you apart from all the rest and allow you to
Present/Prospect at the same time.

The difference between an average seller of pre-need and top producer
is the little things.

Those little things add up quickly and have a multiplier effect.

Remember small hinges move large bank vault doors.

Referrals are one of those little things that produce huge results
doubling and tripling your sales.

Happy Selling!


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