Can you really sell more preneed thru less networking functions?

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This was posted on a different sister site.  It is very applicable to gaining referrals and more pre-arrangements.  I’ve included a link to the site and if you’d like to grab it I’ve got a link below and the offer’s been extended…

The site is:  How To Network

Can You Really Gain More Business by Attending Less Networking Functions?

Got a great question from a subscriber today.

The first one is really interesting.  Jim wants to know how it is possible to grab more business and develop loads of business contacts by attending fewer business networking functions, not more…

Well, Jim, it’s not as hard as it seems.

It has to do with understanding human nature.  Last time I mentioned that I took a page out of the book, The Art of The Deal, by Donald Trump.

The truth is, he didn’t start out a billionaire just like I started in Vegas not knowing anyone.  Not even one business owner.  I knew nobody but yet in a relatively short time began connecting so quickly I could barely keep up.

And now, attending less business networking functions I’m connecting even faster than before.

So that’s how I did it.

And you know what?

You can too.

I show you how in “A Hidden Networking Lesson from Donald J. Trump”.

You see, most people make the mistake of thinking more is better.  I made the same mistake when I arrived in Vegas.  I attended every business networking function I could find.

Yes, I did great, BUT…

I was wearing out quickly.  Let’s face it.  You can only be at so many functions before you die out and get burned out.

I was heading that way until I discovered that the opposite is true.

It wasn’t until I started attending fewer functions that I realized I was making more contacts not less.

And I had more energy.  And I had more time for business.  And I had more time to follow up with those new contacts.

I know it might seem crazy but its true.

And, you can get it right here.

Grab it and I’ll also bonus you my CD where I elaborate more on it and specifics of how I did it and how you can as well.

You’ll get “A Hidden Networking Lesson from Donald J Trump” within an hour or so after completing the transaction and I’ll go to the post office today to mail you the CD right to your doorstep.

Right now it’s priced low and I’m including shipping & handling FREE.

See ya at the next event,

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