Getting High-Tech Referrals

April 14, 2014 by  

In a previous post on the website I spoke
about 7 Tips to get referrals naturally and easily,

I spoke about where you can get referrals during your
presentation as well as how to get them.

One key way to get more referrals is to tie your
testimonials into your referrals.

In a previous snail-mail publication,

Preneed Players we talked about some really high-tech
ways of getting referrals.

It is more than just asking for those referrals.

It becomes a way of doing business where referrals are part of it.

The other important thing is to differentiate you and your
pre-need business thru a measurable method.

For example, forget the idea of “I’ll provide great service”,

As a way of differentiating you.

Your prospect won’t be able to determine great service – it is too vague.

There’s no way to measure the difference.

Another way to think about it is if a Heart Surgeon Doctor differentiated
the skill by saying he/she is the best heart doctor –

It doesn’t work because it’s not like you can get the surgery from one doctor,

Then go to another doctor, then compare who’s was the best.

Differentiate yourself from all others by answering the question of,

Why a prospect should do business with you
versus all other options available.

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