Pre-Need Referrals, Life-Blood of your business

August 7, 2017 by  

You’ve heard it before and I’ll repeat it just in case.  Prospecting is the most difficult thing you can do “on the planet” to generate more leads for your pre-need sales.  It’s difficult and very time consuming.

Time is your friend and enemy when it comes to selling pre-arrangements.  If you want to sell more preneed now you’ve got to become very efficient with your prospecting for new business.

That’s why referrals are the answer.  But, let me just get it out there now.  Asking for referrals in the traditional way, “who do you know”, is the most counter productive and ineffective way you can ever, if ever, get referrals.

So, my suggestion is to get referrals in a more natural way, in a way people think, not in a negative way either.  Most people’s mind goes blank as soon as you ask them, who do you know.

The reason for this is the word NO.  You might be saying the word KNOW but in anyone’s mind they’re hearing NO.  When writing it’s a lot easier to distinguish this by how the word written.

But, that’s not the way your mind works when you hear the word NO.

So, how do you get more referrals in a way that allows you more time and less energy?  The most effective and best sellers of preneed usually spend 80% of their time prospecting and only 20% presenting to prospects.

Here’s a quick math formula for you.  How much more money would you make if you could reverse the 80 / 20 from 80% prospecting to 80% presenting?  No matter how good or bad your closing rate I’d venture to say you’d make a fortune if you could flip the numbers.

Even if you’re in house selling and you rely mostly on walk-in traffic for sales what if you could prospect while presenting to those prospects?  How many more presentations would you make?

Well, the answer is LOTS MORE.

Here’s how to do it.  You tweak your presentation to include getting referrals throughout the entire time.  There’s a way to do this naturally and easily.

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