Pre-Need Sales Referrals are Easy

August 13, 2017 by  

I say that because most people think referrals are more difficult than they have to be.  In fact, I’d guess that preneed sales people all believe in their product/services so much that everyone should give them referrals.

Just about every real estate seller has business cards with some type of reference to referrals.

Well, its much easier getting referrals for preneed sales than you think if you’ll approach it a little bit different than most everyone else does.

First, if you do what everyone else does you’ll get what everyone else gets…that is mediocre referrals and sales.

If nothing else, do the opposite of what everyone else is doing and you’ll probably have more success.

Second, people don’t think in terms of “who do you know” which is the question most preneed sellers ask a prospect of new pre-arrangement client at the end of the meeting.

When you ask the question, who do you know – your prospect’s mind will usually go blank because they hear the word NO.  The other thing that’s likely to happen is your prospect will think to them self, “how do I know if my friend, family member, or neighbor needs preneed prearrangement?

And you know what?  They’re right in thinking that.  I mean, unless the subject comes up your referring person isn’t likely to know if the person they’re thinking of as possible referral would even be interested.

AND, they don’t want to insult their friend by suggesting they preplan a funeral … it’s sort of bad luck plus a number of other things.

Which brings us back to the original question of how do you get referrals for preneed naturally and easily?

I like to describe it as asking without really asking.  You’re not likely to get really HOT referrals from anyone.  And if you do that’s terrific.

What’s more than likely going to happen is you’ll get a warm introduction and be able to leverage your prospect’s relationship to talk to the referral.

The easiest way to do this is to get the referrals during your presentation.  Not after.  And certainly not after the sale.  More than likely your prospect is worn out from an hour or two with you going over all this stuff.

So, ask without asking during presentation.

If you’d like more on this go to the top tab, Catalog Page, and look up presentation scripts.  I’ve got more detailed info on it including audio.

Happy Selling!



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