Preneed Lessons Learned at Time-Share

April 12, 2014 by  

I’m at the ICCFA convention this week and
I’ll have more comments on it soon.

I can report the owners of funeral homes/cemeteries are always
looking for ways to beef up Pre-arrangements.

So, while I do some consulting with these folks
my primary focus is with you, the Preneed seller.

Here’s a lesson I learned because I went to the

But I didn’t learn it at the convention.

All the big breakthroughs that you’ll find in this
industry come from outside the industry.

While attending a time-share presentation I
noticed something they do quite effectively.

If I hadn’t been in Vegas I wouldn’t have learned a simple
technique these folks use.

It’s part of how they do business.

So, take note of what you see, feel, and hear with other
businesses in other industries because,

You can learn a lot.

Part of the time-share presentation involved
asking and getting no less than 4 referrals.

They have a form they use as part of the
selling process.

After the presentation I asked the selling rep
how easy or hard it was to get those referrals.

The Rep told me it wasn’t hard to get those
referrals because it was part of the

She said she gets four every single time.

Invest a little bit of time into where and
how you can get referrals every single time.

There’s more on this topic in the private
Silver Level membership.

Go to the top right side of this page, send name & email
for the link and a daily pre-need email strategy.

Happy Selling!




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