The real secret to selling pre-arrangements in a high-tech world

May 15, 2017 by  

The real secret to selling pre-arrangements.  That is to plan a funeral in advance.  To get more Pre need funeral sales now.  The first thing you should do is focus on either the funeral sales presentation and/or the cemetery sales presentation.

And, in addition, when you meet individuals at business networking functions, if anything, your “so-called” elevator speech is nothing more than your “job description”.

That’s my pre need funeral sales tips for today.

Your job is to help a husband and wife or a couple or an individual, TOGETHER…. Make the decisions today that would have to be made tomorrow if a death occurred, and record those decisions.

It’s all about decisions.

Yesterday I mentioned a high-tech way to gather up prospects so you can remember who they are.  I also mentioned you should have a backup plan.

In my How To Sell Pre-Need “Starter Package” I’ve got material that not only helps you get a quick start selling pre-arrangements but also a strategy to maximize your referrals NOW.

I admit it’s “old-school” but the concept works great…all you need to do is apply your favorite technology to it.  In other words, go from old 3 X 5 card box to your smart-phone.

In my book, How to Mine Your Natural Market, I lay out a simple but effective game-plan to scoop up referrals by the basket full.  But, it’s revealed in an “old school” way.  It’s your job to apply your high-tech system to the Project 50 & Schedule.

In order to get referrals in today’s high-tech world….Today’s pre need funeral sales tips (and you can also apply it to cemetery sales presentation) is to focus on two big things.

The first is your JOB DESCRIPTION and the second is your PRESENTATION.

Those two things will go a long way to your success when you sell pre need.

Happy Selling!


P.S.  Click the Catalog page just above this post and scroll down to the “Starter Package” for more info on selling preneed through referrals.


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