The Vital Statistics Page & Referrals

December 31, 2014 by  

Here’s an easy way to pick up a few
referrals without ever asking.

When filling out a pre-arranged funeral agreement
there’s always that moment,

When your couple/individual are watching
you fill out the paper work.

This is the perfect time to hand out
your “vital statistics” page and let your
couple fill in the blanks.

When they get to the “next-of-kin” usually spouse
is placed first followed by other family members
including children.

Ask your couple to put in a third name; neighbor,
friend, and/or more distant relative.

You now have a referral(s).

Making arrangements on the worst day
of your life is not easy.

But, a close friend could be of great

And, the contact info on the friend is a
great referral.

Think of it this way.

What friend wouldn’t step up to help
another friend out?

Anytime you Prospect & Present at the same time
you’re about as efficient as possible.

For more on how you can “Mine Your Natural
Market”, click below:

Mine Your Natural Market

Happy Selling!


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