Accurate Pre-Need Thinking

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Controversy over an email strategy I sent the other day…

One of the big keys to your success selling Pre-need is “accurate” thinking.

I’m not talking about positive thinking I’m talking accurately thinking and understanding where and who you are…what your unique advantages and challenges.

we were born to succeed, as Zig would say.

But, we have challenges.  I spoke to a guy one time missing most of three fingers from his right hand.  I asked him how he adapted?  His response surprised me.  He was born that way.  He told me he never had 5 fingers.  It’s different if you had 5 fingers than lost 2 and had to adapt.  He’s always had 3 fingers.  There was no adapting – and no complaining.  He had accurate thinking.

We all have hurdles we need to overcome.  When you know yourself, recognize you and who you are you begin to think accurately about where your at with Pre-need.

There’s no excuses.

When you understand where you are you can plan on where you want to be, where you want to go.

The obstacles, the pot holes of life, the thorns in your side, the daily battles with yourself, can all be overcome thru knowledge and experience.

If you need some help getting where you want to go…

Go get the help…

Do something…

Do it now…

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