Are You Cheating Yourself Out of Serious Commissions?

August 17, 2014 by  

There’s an old saying – “It’s not WHAT you know, it’s WHO you know.”

Like most old sayings, there’s an element of truth there.

A great deal of success indeed happens due to the relationships you create and nurture.

But I think what’s miss­ing from that saying is the related truth that the more
WHOs who know the WHAT you know, the more commission dollars you’ll make.

WHAT you know and what you DO with what you know is incredibly important.

Most people cheat themselves out of a great deal of money by under-valuing
what they know.

Because it’s so familiar to them, they mistakenly think it’s com­monplace.

Take the expertise you have regarding the pre-need prospecting of your business.

Just reading this post demonstrates you care about your education AND you
take action to continuously improve your skills.

That’s NOT as common as you might imagine.

Your prospecting skills,

Your presentation skills,

Your closing skills and more,

Have real value to others.

Another mistake folks make is they feel they should give their expertise away free in
order to earn the right to sell other products or ser­vices.

This may be driven by selfless motives, but the fact of the matter remains that
you have valuable skills / talents /expertise that could be leveraged into commission dollars.

Instead of under-valuing your skills and knowledge, rather you need to self-promote
vigorously and leverage your expertise for the maximum financial rewards possible.

Happy Selling!


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