Are your sales on life-support?

June 29, 2009 by  

I had a question sent in….maybe I should call it a demand…actually a plea for help from a new struggling pre-need seller whose sales were on life-support.

I won’t share his name but will give you a quick summary of what’s happening, or maybe I should say, not happening.

He’s made a few sales (by accident) he says and management’s giving him a hard time because he’s not producing enough.

I immediately thought about the ICU (intensive care unit) at a hospital when you quit breathing and the Doctors begin to fire up the ol’ electric shock gizmos (I can’t remember the name) to try and get the heart beating again.

He asked me for the “magic pill”.

He asked me for the quick fix thing(ie) that will solve all his problems and put his sales on the road to recovery.

That’s what got me to thinking.  We all want the magic pill that will get our sales to take off like a rocket ship.

Well, I got bad news/good news.

The bad news is there isn’t a magic pill that will solve all your problems.  Heck, if there were a magic pill I’d be retired right now.  No, sorry to say it, there is no magic pill.

Don’t fret, there is good news.  Plenty of good news.  In fact, there’s a heck-of-a-lot more good news than you might think.

In this so-called bad & lousy economy you could be in an industry really doing bad.  But, there are no down-turns in pre-need.

I haven’t seen a down-turn in ten years. 

So, what’s the solution to our pre-need seller’s problems with his sales on life-support?

Glad you asked.  I’ll be posting several “5 Minute Quickie” strategies pre-need sellers can do immediately for practically no money to get off the life-support and start selling NOW.

I’ll give you a tip to start.  If you’re looking for some answers look in the mirror!  Begin to invest in YOURSELF!  No body can take your knowledge and experience away.


In my book; 50 Ways To Get Rich & Stay Rich Selling, I talk about investing in yourself.

So, for the next several days sit back and invest a little bit of your time into quickie strategies to launch your sales from life-support in the ER unit into the hemisphere like a rocket ship with more selling than you can keep up with!

Happy Selling!




One Response to “Are your sales on life-support?”

  1. SJ Stuesser on July 10th, 2009 7:53 AM

    I could be the person you were talking about but can’t go to the ICU because the insurance hasn’t kicked in.
    I’m new to this side if the deathcare and PN business. You have great ideas.
    After the in the personal market ; then what?

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