Breaking the Fast

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Had an interesting question come in…


I’m in a slump.  Nobody wants to talk with me, I’ve had no sales in two weeks and nothing’s going right.  What do you recommend?


Thanks for the question and boy did that bring back some memories


I once closed 14 presentations in a row.


Not bad BUT…


The following two weeks went Oh for Twelve




That means I went into a sales fasting mode for two weeks


Nothing seemed to work


It was pretty annoying to say the least


So, what can you do to break the fast?


Don’t panic!


The first thing I’d do is take a long hard look at your presentation.


It’s easy to get into bad habits and not even realize it


Pro Baseball Players review films of their swing, especially when in a slump


Filming yourself at your next presentation probably not a good idea


So, instead, review the presentation in your mind looking for specific interaction and

Ask yourself if you’ve been able to get the 4-commitments to a sale and more


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