Hope is not a good sales strategy

May 6, 2010 by  

I received an email, not long ago, and responded and never thought anything of it until I got another reply a few weeks later.

The reply said…..”I hope this works…”

There was a movie, in the 90s, called “A league of there own”.  In the movie Tom Hanks sees a girl begin to cry and yells, “there’s no crying in baseball!”

Guess what.  There’s no “hope” strategies in sales.

It isn’t, “I hope this works.”

When it comes to sales you gotta get that thinking out of your head.

When I attempt different selling strategies I’m doing nothing more than TESTING.  I’m not hoping, I’m testing because if it doesn’t work I’ll head back to my Pre-Need Laboratory and begin further experiments.

The light bulb was not invented because of hope.  It was invented through trial and error until he got it right and had a light bulb.

Selling is implementing strategies to get sales.  There’s no hope in selling.  Selling is well thought out game-plans of action that result in sales or no sales.

If your strategy doesn’t work change the strategy.  If you are relying on one strategy you’re doomed for failure.  And if you’re hoping that’s even worse.

So, if you’re hoping this or that will work begin to change your mindset today and re-set your expectations properly. 

The goal is to implement your game plan.

You will get results from your game plan.

This may make you happy or may make you sad.

If the results aren’t what you want than add another strategy, tweak the existing strategy, and or implement more strategies because you need more than one prospecting plan.

Don’t rely on ‘door-knocking’, ‘walk-in’, mailing, drop-by, lawn-fishing, file research, mining your natural market, events, or any other one thing.

Do many things.  Develop many prospecting entry points for your sales.

But most of all, don’t rely on HOPE because it’s a sign of desperation on your part as if this doesn’t work I’m out of the business or I’m done.

There is hope in many things but when it comes to sales rely on your SELF and the activity you do that is necessary to generate the results you want.

Happy Selling!



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