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To all who replied to my FREE snail-mail Newsletter offer it’s in the mail. As a special unannounced FREE bonus I’ll be sending you a FREE CD and Special Report I put together;

How to Publish Your Newsletter In 6 Minutes or LESS

The CD and Report will be in the mail next Monday.

I want you to take note of several things.

First, when a person raises a hand in interest you must fulfill the request for information. It is critical.

Second, don’t worry about how good it looks. What’s important is the content of the information.

Third, can your prospect use the information to make an informed decision? Make the info relevant.

Fourth, include an offer. You must have an offer.

Fifth, notice how I’m sending you written material and audio material. Could you do the same with your prospects? I happen to be several decades behind on technology and I figured out how to produce a CD why can’t you?

Sixth, make sure you include testimonials on all of your correspondence.

Seventh, is the material congruent? Remember my postcard mailing and the Rusty Ol’ Typewriter. The font and the reference to the typewriter and the message were all congruent.

Eighth, send more than one piece of mail. Make more than one contact. Develop a system and makes it automatic so you don’t have to think about it.

We’re going to talk more about these steps in the coming days. It is important that you become aware of how information is sent to you from other companies.

Have you ever responded to a FREE offer?

What was sent to you?

Was there multiple contacts via snail-mail, email, phone, in-person?

It’s time for you to pay attention to your junk mail and become a student of how good prospecting works.

Become a collector of junk-mail

Happy Selling!


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