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There’s a guy named Cal Ripken Jr

Who played baseball for the
Baltimore Orioles for 21 years

He’s got a list of accomplishments
about 10 miles long but

He’s known for one record in particular
that’ll probably never be broken

Cal played in 2,632 consecutive games

He beat a guy named Lou Gehrig who
held the previous record

Cal wrote a book called
“Get In The Game”

Where he shared how mentors can make
a huge difference in outcomes

It is no different for you and for me

Early in my career I was
fortunate enough to find Tom

And I might add, I found him
completely by accident

If it wasn’t for Tom I wouldn’t
be in this business today

He was truly a mentor and the
amazing thing about it is

He didn’t do the work…

He coached/mentored me
to do the work

He had done it before,
which really impressed me

Tom sold lots of pre-need

And that’s the difference between a
so-called guru and elite pre-need seller

The elite pre-need seller has a mentor
to help get ’em to the next level

For the next few days or until all the
slots are full I’m offering you an
opportunity to grab

My newsletter and access to the private
membership area of the website

You may test-drive it for 30 days for
the small investment of shipping & handling

But, hurry, as there’s only a few openings available

Go to the top right of this page, send me your name and
email and I’ll not only send you a daily pre-need strategy
but also the link to the Silver Level.

Quit dilly-dallying around.

I’ve only got a few opening available.

Happy Selling!



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