How to PILE ON the proof

March 12, 2015 by  

Here’s a sales scenario I’d wager you’ve encountered
at least more than a few times:

Your prospect seems to like what you have to offer.

Your prospect clearly has the ability to pay.

BUT… your prospect just won’t commit to making
the pre-arrangement.

Ouch. I know, it hurts.

But what’s the problem here?

In all likelihood, the real issue boils down to TRUST,
they just don’t have enough confidence in you and,

Your offer to cross that bridge to the dotted line.

You may need more to establish more proof.

Piling on the proof for you can
involve a variety of elements:

* Credentials, qualifications, experience in the industry
* LONG lists of happy customers served
* Testimonials from happy customers
* The more the merrier…

The key being that people like to business with
people they trust.

Your presentation is a major key to your success
and having a well thought out presentation will
help you overcome the trust issue.

Link below for more,

Presentation Scripts

Happy Selling!




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