How to solve all your sales problems once and for all

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How To Use “Dave Style” Selling To
Solve All Your Prospecting, Presenting,
And Sales Problems, Once And For All…

GOOD NEWS! — I don’t know how you found this site but whatever brought you here listen up.   The prospecting strategies you’ll discover in the coming days are all based on or related to several simple foundations.

Quite frankly, effective prospecting “ain’t rocket science” and involves a lot of good old fashion common sense.

But don’t be fooled by the so-called “industry gurus” telling you what to do.  The problem with these gurus is they never were successful in the first place or it’s been so long ago I doubt it even matters any longer.  What you’ll hear the gurus tell you is to Prospect for two hours every single day.  If you’ll do this, they’ll say, everything will be fine. 

Well, guess what?  It isn’t the amount of time you spend prospecting that’s important.  It’s the “HOW DO I DO IT” part that’s important.  That’s where the gurus are left in the dust.  They don’t have an answer for “how to do it”.

They can only tell you what to do.  They cannot tell you how to do it.

I will tell you how you can do it.  I will explain strategies and techniques designed to make you 6 figures annually selling pre-arrangements.

To keep it all together I’ve created a three-legged-stool.

A stool won’t stand on one leg or two.  It requires three and that’s important for you to remember.

There are three basic areas of selling.  The better you are in all three area  the more sales you make.  But, if you’re weak in some areas the stool will fall over.

Put another way, your sales will suffer. 

Don’t be fooled by the “order takers” who sit on their duff waiting for business to walk in the door.

I’m talking about developing a process and forming systems to do the hard drudgery work of prospecting for you.

I’m talking about selling with a system.

Bottom line?

I’d rather have a great prospector than a great closer.  There’s no contest.  The better prospector will win in the long run while the great closer will be twiddling thumbs waiting on the next walk-in.

Most sellers of pre-arrangements believe, from day one, they’re going to sell lots of arrangements immediately.

Often, without any thought what-so-ever of how they’ll find those sales.

There’s a lot of bad ideas about selling going on out there. 

My definition of selling is something you DO more than something you LEARN.

We learn a process, we learn a system, we learn a presentation, we learn to ask for the check, and we learn to prospect.

But when it comes to sales we DO more than we learn.

No one’s born a sales person.

How many babies do you know fresh out of the womb speaking?

Yes, they may be yelling incoherently but they aren’t speaking.

It’s kind of interesting because we don’t learn how to run but we learn how to walk.

Selling is much like running.  It’s really not about the walking….but if you can’t walk you probably can’t run.

So, we learn to walk before we run.  Which translates into learning the parts of selling so we can DO the selling.

A sale is the compilation of a lot of different things put into motion culminating with the result of a completed transaction.

Though we refer to it as a sale immediately after the transaction the actual sale involves many parts.

Most pre-need sellers think of it backwards.

They think of the final transaction first, not the different steps that got the prospect to the point of that transaction.

When you’re sitting in the funeral home waiting for the next walk-in sale it’s easy to overlook all the efforts that brought that prospect to you.

That funeral home/cemetery wasn’t born yesterday.  Probably been around for a long time.

It costs lots and lots of money to keep the lights on, cut the grass, water, electricity, employees, and on.

It is the sheer longevity of the place that brings in folks ready to purchase arrangements.

The only problem…..there isn’t enough walk-in business to put you into “TOP PRODUCER” status.

You’ll need to do something else.  Remember, a sale is about DOING. 

What makes me uniquely qualified to comment on selling in the first place?

Glad you asked.

I’ve worked for cemeteries that have been around for decades.  I’ve worked for funeral homes that have been around for decades.  I’ve also worked for a cemetery that was a start-up.

I sold a lot or pre-arrangements with that start up cemetery.  Obviously, there wasn’t a crowd standing outside our doors ready to buy a grave.

I sold a lot of pre-arrangements at that new cemetery.  I’ve sold a lot of pre-arrangements at the old cemetery.

I still sell.

In fact, that’s all I do now.  I gave up the Sales Manager/General Manager, Director, and any other title you can think of to go back to what I enjoy best.

Helping families pre-arrange funeral/cemetery before the need.

Also, I don’t work inside so it’s highly unlikely I’ll ever see a walk-in slam-dunk, lay-down, done-deal, easy sale

It is this unique experience I have, and continue to have, that allows me to comment on YOU the pre-need seller.

I know you well.  I know what keeps you up at night.  I know what it’s like to wonder where the next sale’s coming from.

I’ve been poor feeling like the end is near.  I’ve been where you are now.  I’ve been there done it, did it, and worked through it.  I’ve hired folks just like you.  I’ve seen people die-on-the-vine just like you. 

That makes me uniquely qualified to give advice about selling pre-arrangements.

Really, I’m just like you.

The only difference is I figured it out.  The only question you need to ask is…..are you willing to figure it out?

That is what this site is dedicated to….YOU….the seller of pre-need.

I’m here to help you figure it out.

I’m here to lead you down the path to successful pre-need selling. 

Unlike the cemetery or funeral home that will probably be around long after we’re gone you’ve only got a short window of opportunity to begin selling NOW.

There’s no fiddle farting around.  Most pre-need sellers “die on the vine” in the first couple of months in the business.

Your job is to create a shortcut to quick sales and avoid the learning curve as much as possible.

Your job is to DO.  Not debate it.  Not sleep through it.  Not procrastinate and hope and wish.  No, your job is to DO it.

You can do it.

If I can do it you can do it.

Here’s your first lesson about doing it.  I’ll tell you a funny story about the start-up cemetery I worked for.

Initially, it was decided, the yellow pages were a necessity.

In case you don’t know it the yellow pages are one of the most expensive forms of advertising on the planet.

How did they determine what to put in the ad for the new cemetery?

They looked at what everybody else was doing and copied it.

That’s the big lesson for you today.

The only time you’ll ever want to look around and copy what someone’s doing is if that someone is a TOP PRODUCER.

All other candidates are to be seen and not heard.

If everyone’s doing the same thing and getting mediocre results don’t copy them.

You can clearly see what mediocre looks like without copying it.

I’m not sure how you found this place but congratulations!

You’ve found the perfect place to solve all your selling problems once and for all.

But if you choose to ignore this website, well, don’t say that I didn’t warn you.

Next time we’ll talk about that 3-legged-stool I mentioned earlier.

We’ll get into the meat and potatoes of how to sell pre-need.

Happy Selling!


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