…is there someone else?

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Cartoonist Charles Addams was an
American cartoonist famed for his
darkly humorous and macabre characters…

Including a set of recurring characters who
eventually wound up on television and in
movies as “The Addams Family.”

In a cartoon published in the New Yorker in 1960,
he shows a pair of young lovers seated beside a
reflecting pool – into which the man stares.

The woman gazes at the man with a longing
expression, saying:

“Is there someone else, Narcissus?”

Why yes, there is.

But she shouldn’t take his rejection too
hard – he clearly has issues.

In fact, she’d be wise to move on to another,
more suitable option.

I’m sure, anyone in sales can relate – if there’s
one constant in this game it’s REJECTION.

A lot of sales trainers yammer on about the
difference between refusal and rejection, and
tell salespeople not to “take it personally.”
Baloney – of course it’s rejection.

And if you’re serious about mastering the art of
SALES you SHOULD take it personally…

To the degree that you take action to FIX things.

Note that this does NOT mean you should
permit emotional wounds.

Any individual rejection is irrelevant in the
context of numbers, conversion ratios, and income.

Top sales performers are pretty bullet-proof,
and need to be.

The best pre-need salespeople get more
No’s than Yes’s.

But you can’t just shrug it all off as
‘a numbers game’ either.

Take personal responsibility – and in doing so,
you’ll achieve control.

And one easy way to take control is to look for
commitments along the way.

I refer to it as the 4 commitments to a sale.
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Happy Selling!



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