It makes no sense, but there it is…

July 30, 2015 by  

It Makes No Sense, But There It Is…

When it comes to selling pre-need,

The one thing that can make or break
any deal is simple:

*** TRUST ***

If the prospect doesn’t trust you,
the pre-arrangement won’t get done.

Which is why focusing serious attention
on  making who you are and what you
stand  for so important.

We tend to focus on features and
benefits and,

Price way too much.

We tend to over-focus on WHAT we do.

Instead, WHO you are (your origination
story, the “what” that got you into
this business),

Is much more important when it comes
to building trust.

You can pile on all the facts, figures,
and statistics all you want –

The bottom line is that people trust
other people,

For reasons that go far beyond
“rational” thinking.

Sure, the features and pricing are
good…but do they like and trust you?

This is why a good quality presentation
is so important to your success.

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a daily pre-need selling strategy.

Happy Selling!








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