Live by price, Die by price

November 2, 2015 by  

There’s a common misconception among
many pre-need sellers that the most
important thing you can do,

When challenged is to bend over
backwards to lower your prices.

This could very well be a recipe
for disaster.

For example, K-Mart once dominated
the low price position, until Walmart
took it away from them.

Now K-Mart is pretty much in shambles.

This demonstrates the high risk of acquiring
a customer purely based on having the
cheapest prices.

Larger cemeteries & funeral homes and big dumb
corporations are constantly playing with price,
lowering as a strategy to get more business.

There’s no doubt that you can essentially buy
pre-arrangements by reducing your prices,

You can build a cheap pre-need business
entirely based on price, as Motel 6 has

But history tells us that the cheapest priced
funeral homes and cemeteries are much
more vulnerable than the highest priced

Here’s why: a Nordstrom customer prefers
Nordstrom for a combination of reasons,

Including quality merchandise, knowledgeable
and courteous salespeople, legendary service,
pleasant shopping environment, satisfaction
guarantees, etc. vs., say,

The K-Mart customer who would prefer
shopping elsewhere if it wasn’t for their
need for the cheapest price.

And, ironically, the cheapest customers are
always the biggest headaches.

They’re more than happy to “price” shop you
and go somewhere else.

But, when you think about it, a competitor must
alter a number of factors to steal a customer
from a Nordstrom.

There’s been enough studies out there that proves
people don’t list “price” as the number one factor
when purchasing.

So, if you’re in that “el cheapo” market best to get
out now because,

It takes the same amount of energy to find the
cheap “no-service” pre-arrangements as it does
to find the full service arrangements.

Remember, Nordstrom’s provides
service…try finding someone to help
you or has a clue at a “lowest priced” outfit,

Any outfit.

If you’d like to discover savvy secrets to
pre-need selling think “presentation” first,

Go to the top right side of this page to get a
daily pre-need strategy and link to grab
Pre-Need Scripts.

Happy Selling!



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