More Pre-Need Boring…

June 16, 2015 by  

If you’ve ever asked your teenaged son or daughter
whether they’re interested in hanging out with you, 

To check out a classic old black-and-white film
you’ve loved for years.

Maybe one that stars top-tier stars from the
glamorous days of Hollywood’s Golden Era.

The one word answer you’re likely to
get is this:  


You know, there’s no accounting for taste,
especially with the young.

Nevertheless, there’s a painful Preneed reality exposed
by this response,

A reality that we all, as pre-need sellers need to

You can’t be BORING!

Sales letters, postcards, Facebook posts, emails, billboards,
radio, social media, whatever.

The cardinal sin for all is to blend in with the tedious,

Echoing mass of blather that fills the mailboxes and
airwaves with same-old, same-old content.

And, to make matters even more challenging,

You cannot bore your prospect to death with your

Every great presentation must have two things,

1. Your Story and,

2. Your Prospect’s.

It really is necessary to engage your prospect by connecting
You and their experiences making arrangements.

You really need to get it all out.

Remember, product selling doesn’t work.

This is an emotional sale.

This means you must resolve instead to make it,


And if you want to take yourself from where you are now to
where you want to be there’s an easy solution.

Develop a really great presentation that connects you and
the prospect.

Without it you’ll hear that typical response you get from
your teenager,


You can grab “pre-need Scripts” by going to the top
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Happy Selling!




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