Pre-Need and the Auto-Mechanic

April 16, 2014 by  

In a previous Lessons Learned we covered the
auto-mechanic shop.

The lesson is huge.

I don’t know your image of an auto-shop but mine
is of the key mechanic dressed in overalls with grease,

Maybe he has a cigarette hanging out of his mouth
utilizing all of his experience to “guess” the problem.

The recent experience I had with the
auto-shop was shocking to say the least.

I wasn’t shocked by the outcome.

I was shocked by how organized, clean,
way they did business,

And how they took care of me.

Let me say it this way.

If you can take a mundane business like
auto-repair, and turn it into an “experience”.

If you can take a business most people don’t trust and
turn it into a positive experience.

Then – You can take your business, selling pre-need,
to the next level by observing what other people do in their business,

And doing something similar to what the auto-repair guy did with me.

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