Pre Need Funeral Sales Scripts

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It’s ironic that we need to go over this but, yes, let’s do go through this for you concerning pre need funeral sales scripts.

First and foremost is to understand that a script isn’t a bad thing.  If you’ve ever seen a movie guess what the actors do?  Yes, they memorize a script and get into the character and deliver their lines right on cue.

That isn’t a bad thing.

What is dumb when it comes to pre need sales scripts is thinking that you can just wing-it.  Sort of the attitude that all you need to do is have a simple conversation with your prospective client.

Well, while you’re intention maybe positive, your delivery will be awful.  By that I mean, if an actor in a movie did the same thing it would not be interesting and the audience would not know where you’re going with the story.

You see, a well thought out script is much like a movie.  Someone’s written, directed, and produced a movie.  But a movie is, at it’s core, a story.  The actors are revealing the story through a script.  Sure, they may go off script while filming but without the script, without knowing the story, the actors won’t know what to do or where to take it.

That’s why pre need scripts are important.  The better you’ve memorized the script the better you can relate to your prospective prospect and adjust (go off script) with the flow of the conversation.

So, how do you find a script for pre need selling?

It’s not easy to find because most of the material out there is generic stuff written by someone for a completely different purpose than your purpose as a cemetery/funeral seller.

You need someone to write a script that is applicable to what your prospect needs and wants.

Head over to the catalog page above and you can grab pre need scripts now.  Not only will you discover the script but you’ll also discover the 4 commitments to a pre need sale plus the philosophy behind selling pre-arrangements.

And finally, you’ll learn how to sell pre need without actually selling.

Happy Selling!



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