Pre-Need and the Fast & Furious 7

July 24, 2013 by  

Saw the Fast & Furious 6 recently…

And it got me thinking about how you can make six movies

That are basically the same and have record
movie crowds watching

It is the same for the pre-need presentation

Every presentation is basically the same only
nuanced because there are different prospects involved

Just like the Fast & Furious series, there are
different characters while the main cast
stays the same

Even the goal is similar…

In the next edition of the monthly, snail-mail,
printed-version, of the

August – How To Sell Pre-Need Newsletter
has the…

The Anatomy of a Presentation

Making a quality presentation every time
doesn’t rely on “winging-it”

Much like the Fast & Furious series
it is the same

The only thing that changes is
the prospects

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Happy Selling!


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