Preneed Midas Touch…

November 19, 2013 by  

When I first got into this business there was a
fellow Pre-Need Seller who always
wrote a ton of business.

He was a bit of a stuck-up-jerk about it.

Always bragging and always two-steps
ahead of everyone.

What was amazing about this guy was his ability
to consistently out do everyone every month
with hardly any effort.

I tried buying the guy lunch to tap his brain but
he always refused.

No one knew his secret formula for success.

Then one day I noticed something that had been
staring me in the face.

I noticed some of his process.

That is, how he operated.

And, I soon realized that we have many biases
whether we want to admit it or not.

My bias was jealousy of the Top Producer.

It blinded me because I couldn’t get
past his personality.

Me and my colleagues would focus on the guy’s
attitude, his demeanor,

And his annoying personality.

We paid attention to everything but what he was doing.

Anyway, one day I observed him with a Family and
I gotta tell you he schooled me on how to
interact with folks,

Set expectations as to what to expect next and,

I began to watch him work.

He always started his day before everybody else.

He ended his day after everybody else.

He was on the phone a lot,

He sent snail-mail notes to customers,

Put his Prospects into a follow-up system and more…

While he never did share his secret formula with me,

I did See, feel, and hear enough to take what he
was doing and create my own system.

I share this story with you because he had a routine,

A very impressive routine,

And maximized his routine daily.

He had the Midas touch for Preneed.

In the next Preneed Players I cover routine and,

How it’s a good thing.

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