Preneed Stupid Spending

November 18, 2014 by  

So, Michael Carroll hit the jackpot.

Winning $15 Million dollars he bought houses
and cars, among other things.

That might not seem unusual, but what he did
with his cars was.

He used the cars he bought to stage demolition
derbies in his own back yard!

This is one of the main reasons cited for
him losing his fortune.

We’ve all read stories about lottery winners
spending all their money-

Often on stuff which seems silly or even stupid.

On a smaller more personal level, you’ve likely
witnessed a friend or relative spending money in
ways that you think unwise.

The friend with hundreds of shoes who buys yet
another pair of designer shoes that she’ll
wear maybe once.

The neighbor who won’t eat at restaurants that
charge less than $100 for a meal because she believes
you can’t get a good meal for less.

Or, the broke college student who buys
expensive concert tickets.

But here’s the thing.

Stupid spending or not…

People spend money on what they want to
spend it on.

You can’t stop them.

Because even when they “shouldn’t” or “can’t really afford it,”

They’ll find a way to get the money for what they really want.

Your decision to not sell Michael Carroll a car because
you know he is going to smash it up in a fake derby in
his back yard does neither you nor him any good.

Because if you don’t sell him a car, someone else will.

So it might as well be you that makes the money off
someone’s ill-advised wants and desires as it’s money
they are going to be spending anyway..

At Camp David G8 Preneed Summit we’ll be diving
into PRODUCTIVITY (the idea of actually getting things
done because TIME is MONEY),

But, we won’t be looking at time-management systems
because they don’t work.

And, you cannot capture time for future use.

In fact, the whole idea of “time-management”
doesn’t work..

We’ll be going over the 7 Principles of Productivity.

That is to become OUTCOME based.

To get things done.

Productivity is critical to your pre-need business,

And how to apply it to your activities.

If you’re looking for ways to move your income
beyond mediocre,

To move your business to the Presidential Level and
go from “ordinary” mediocre pre-need seller,

To Preneed Player.

Then I suggest you do something for YOU and your
preneed business.

Attend Camp David G8 Preneed Summit,

BUT, there’s not much time.

This will be a small intimate group.

And we’ll be full soon.

You’ve got two options.

Arrive one day early to the ICCFA convention.

Or, I’ve got an all-inclusive deal includes

Link below for more:


Let’s talk soon,


P.S.  Camp David G8 Preneed Summit scheduled for
January 14, 2015.




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