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November 22, 2013 by  

My email overflow-with…

Bunches of questions with a similar theme…

As this time of year nears many prospects will
tell you to contact them next year,

But it’s hard to tell who’s truly open to discussing
and who’s never going to meet with you.

Below are some of the common email themes,

1. My Prospects are putting me off til the New Year,

2. Nobody has money right now,

3. I have bunches of leads I need to follow-up with,

4. My Prospects want the cheapest arrangement,

5. Most of my appointments are cancelling,

How do I solve this problem(s)?

In the Q & A of the latest edition of the snail-mail,
monthly, publication, Preneed Players,

I answer those questions.

Go to the top right of this page
and send name/email for the
link and I’ll also send you a daily
pre-need strategy and the link
to grab the publication.

Happy Selling!



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