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How to be a Large Pre-Need producer

Big preneed producers and really big success
comes from somebody doing small things.

A large bank vault door opens easily because
of small hinges.

Selling preneed is easy.

Putting together the “small things” necessary
to do it is a little more complex.

In a previous Pre-need Lessons Learned from McDonalds,

I spoke about how they’ve managed to dominate
their competition.

McDonalds dominates all other fast-foods because of
a simple idea.

McDonalds is in the “fast-food” business.

Their job is to get the food to you fast.

That’s why other fast-food joints don’t get it.

They add new menu items and talk about quality but,

It’s not about any of those things.

I remember sitting in a McDonalds in awe of how
young kids, who’s mind is everywhere but
where it needs to be,

Using the McDonald’s system to get the food
out quick.

Because, the true goal of McDonalds is not the
food, the menu, or anything else like it.

The goal of McDonalds is to get the food out quick.

All the other fast-food joints focus on menu, quality,
new stuff, and more.

They focus on everything except what
the customer really wants.

It’s nice they do all of this,

But the reality is people go to fast-food
joints to get food fast.

Let’s face it, McDonalds won’t win awards for
great food but they do something no one
else does in their industry.

They deliver the food fast, really fast.

So, what does this have to do with selling pre-need?

A lot.

The best seller of pre-need understand what it is
they do.

Selling pre-need’s not about the product, the casket,
the urn, the vault, the grave space, or the services.

Many pre-need sellers think they’re in the product
selling business.

They focus on the features of those products.

A triple reinforced this or the uniqueness of
how it seals.

If you think you’re in the business of selling products
or services you’d be like all the other fast-food joints.

In the upcoming publication, Preneed Players
we’ll go thru what it is you really do.

How to Get New Revenue Naturally & Easily,

Like a three-legged-stool there are certain things
you must do to sell pre-need.

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