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Let’s get something straight right now.

I received an email recently by a fellow pre-need seller who was asking about selling.

He wanted to learn how to sell.

As if he could learn selling in 3 easy lessons.

Selling is not something you LEARN.

Selling is something you DO.

If your idea of keeping up with this site is to pick up a few magic pills, swallow with water and “puff” you turn into a seller you might as well move on.

Most sellers don’t even understand what selling is.  It is not an isolated function, no, not at all.

People tend to view selling as taking an order.

You know what I mean.  If you’re in-house sales and waiting on the next slam-dunk, lay-down, flop, no-brainer, easy sale you aren’t in sales.

You’re an order taker.

Big difference.

This attitude of sales is prevalent and will seriously hold you back from major success.

Did you know that selling pre-arrangements is wide open? 

There are more sales out there waiting than sales people could handle if they viewed selling properly.

Mastering sales is what the pre-need seller dedicates a life to. 

Selling, or getting the order, is just one component in the entire process.

In a previous post I harped on the idea of prospecting and that I’d rather have a great prospector than a great closer.  Why is this?  Because closing only happens at the end of the selling process.

Prospecting happens at the beginning of the selling process.  Selling is an accumulation of many things that make up a sale.  Think of those things as components.

If you wanted to drive your car someplace it doesn’t just magically appear at your place of destination.

You must start your car first.  Well, for Pete’s sake.  You can’t drive the car unless you start it.  You can’t drive your car without an engine.  Probably need a transmission as well.  How about a steering wheel?  Tires wouldn’t hurt either.  Shifting from park to drive would be a good thing. 

If you are selling you are doing things to get you to the sale.  You aren’t just selling without presenting.  You aren’t just presenting to a wall.  You’re in front of prospects.  How’d you get in front of those Prospects?

Something spurred those folks to see you.  If you’re relying on walk-in business what happens when the business doesn’t walk in?

Selling is more than closing and getting the check.  Selling is a process much like driving your car is a process.

Heck, I’ll bet you have brakes to stop your car.  I’ll bet you have a steering wheel to turn the car.  I’ll bet you even have an accelerator to speed it up or slow it down.  Probably have some mirrors to see where you’ve been and a windshield to see where you’re going.  I’ll bet there were some other cars in front and back.  I’ll even bet there could have been some construction or other hazards you had to watch out for including other drivers who don’t know how to navigate.

You see, driving a car is a process.  There are steps in the process.  There are adjustments you must make.  There are many things you must think about.  I know, I know, eventually you put the car on cruise control and it seems to arrive with little or no effort on your part.

Well, guess what.  Selling can be very similar once you’ve established the process.  It can get you where you want to go with little or no effort on your part.  Mostly I refer to the process as systems.  The more systems you have in place the easier it is to navigate the selling process.

In fact, the more systems you have in place the more FREE time you have to complete the selling process with your prospect.

Another way of saying systems is to say time.  It is about your schedule of events that contributes to your time.  Time isn’t so much a scheduling issue than it is a goal issue.  What are you trying to accomplish?  Dedicating time to accomplishing those tasks, systems, process is what it’s all about.

I like to summarize it like this.  Do something every day that will get you closer to a sale.

Once you’ve got that down do two things every day that will get you closer to a sale.  When you view selling as a process, and put that process into place, you’ll know exactly what you have to do to get that sale and will eliminate the attitude or “order taking” and waiting for the next slam-dunk, lay-down, flop, easy no-brainer, sale to fall into your lap.

Better yet, you’ll view those slam-dunks as a bonus not a necessity.

Happy Selling!


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