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This question came in…


I’m struggling with where to start.  There’s no training where I work and no one seems to want to help me get started.  Help!


This question reminded me of some training I received from an insurance company associated with three funeral homes I was writing business for several years back.


The training was one and a half days long and didn’t help one bit


The training was about how to fill out insurance contracts topped off with a lot of detail about how the policies grew in value


I’m not sure what kept me awake


Unfortunately, you’re not alone.


There isn’t much out there for training


Anyway, if you’re stuck you gotta do something to change your position


So, glad you’re here.


My suggestion is two-fold


First, dive into the website and work thru the posts (I’ve got plenty of posts on various strategies for the pre-need seller)


Second, get the starter package (link below)


Ask the folks you work with for advice and if they’ll invest some time, energy, and resources into YOU


Other than that, remember, no one will take an interest in you and your success quite like YOU


Happy Selling!



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