Why “Hamlet” was asking the wrong question

August 27, 2015 by  

Shakespeare’s Hamlet is best known for this single self-referential query:

“To be or not to be – that is the question.”

Begging to differ with the great bard – is THAT really the question?

Pre-Need sellers face a multitude of questions each and every day.

Many of them, in fact, do have an impact on your ability to “be or not to be.”

But there is ONE key question that every pre-need seller needs to ask themselves – and you don’t need to be,

Holding the skull of your old pal Yorick for dramatic effect… there’s plenty of drama to be had in just the simple asking of this:

“What business are you in?” 

Seems straightforward enough, doesn’t it?

Walk into a dry cleaner and pose that query and odds are pretty good you’d hear,

“I’m in the dry cleaning business.”

Ditto for any restaurant, florist, cabinet-maker, or insurance agent you’d meet.

But THAT kind of answer is NOT the one you should settle for.

There’s a much better way to respond, and if you do so, you could very well completely alter the entire future course of your pre-need business.

So what’s the RIGHT answer?

Glad you asked.  Over the next several Tuesdays & Thursdays we’re going to answer that question but first…

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Happy Selling!




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