1st quarter Done, How Close are ya?

March 21, 2016 by  

We’re nearly done with the first quarter of 2016.

Done, gone, and buried.

Another key question to ask yourself is this:

“What outcome do I really want?”

I’m not a fan of the word GOAL because it’s a
generalization not a specific outcome you want.

For example, to say you want more money isn’t
a goal or an outcome.

The better question to ask yourself is:

What outcome do I want and focus all your
energies to getting it.

Here’s one last way of saying it.

If the outcome is to drive to New York City,

The focus is on that outcome.

Now, what do I have to do to get there?

I may stumble and fumble along the way but as
long as I’m headed to the outcome I want
I’ll soon achieve it.

It’s not vague.

It’s specific.

The first quarter’s done, gone, buried.

How close are you to your outcome?

Happy Selling!



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