For 2016, Think NEGATIVE on Goals

December 30, 2015 by  

In another day it’ll be a new year.

And, by now, I’m sure you’ve heard a
million recommendations for how to
make it your best year ever.

Including, of course, eat better, exercise
more, get out with friends, and more.

Over the coming weeks we’ll be sharing
a few points on the topic but before
we dive into the more positive
angles to take,

Let’s look at it from a more contrarian


By that, I don’t mean adopting a sourpuss
doom-and-gloom attitude towards
the coming days. 

Instead, what I want you to do before listing
out what you DO want to experience
in 2016,

Is to ponder what you absolutely DON’T want. 

For example, Jeff Paul once sat down and
made a list of everything he did
NOT want in his life.

This included wearing neckties and jackets,
commuting from the suburbs to the
city every day, etc. 

Then he used this list of “NOs” to govern
decisions about business opportunities
he said yes or no to, the way he built
his business and so on.  

For me, every year begins with a short list
(1 – 3) of things to eliminate.

Three years ago, it was traveling. I had
decided no more travel.

The first year I cut it in half, the second I cut
it in half again,

The third reducing it to a handful.

This year, two trips tops. 

It’s sometimes easier to define what you don’t
want instead of what you do want.

I think it’s a useful goal-development exercise
to make a list of all the things you absolutely,
positively are unwilling to have in your life. 

For additional “food-for-thought” we’ll expand
on the topic next time. 

Happy Selling! 


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