Achieving expert pre-need seller status thru newsletters

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Achieving expert status thru newsletters

I know we’ve been on the newsletter channel for awhile, so, what the heck?

Let’s address a few more opportunities you may or may not have thought about with newsletters.

First, your newsletter really, when you get right down to it, is an opportunity to not only follow-up, stay-in-touch, disguise as a sales letter, but to also establish you as an expert in the eyes of your prospect.

Every newsletter issue should have the same components as a sales letter (see previous posts on sales letters and my: How to Sell Pre-Need Sales Letter Manual and audio).

Sales letter disguised as a newsletter will out pull a regular sales letter in an envelope….But don’t short change the process…I still recommend sending 3 letters and a postcard in your follow-up program.

A newsletter certainly can be used as one of the letters you send.

There’s magic in frequency of contacts.

There’s an old adage that sales people have to make 7 contacts before getting the sale. Commercials have to be seen at least 7 times to get noticed. Contact can be in-person, via phone, email, snail-mail, to name a few.

Newsletters have a perceived value that’s hard to explain.

When you receive a newsletter your prospect rates it higher than an obvious sales letter, high than a postcard, and higher than a phone call. It’s cheap to put out a newsletter; cheaper and quicker to put out than an enveloped sales letter and a few cents more than a postcard.

But the reality is the more contacts you make with a prospect the warmer your relationship.

Remember with leads your goal is to meet with a prospect for a presentation, warm up the lead, or toast the lead.

A newsletter will warm up your prospects, count as a contact, give you believability as an expert, and position you, the pre-need seller, similar to a Doctor and not a used car salesperson (no disrespect to the used car sales person).

The bottom line?

A newsletter is a valuable tool that puts you closer to a sale.

Happy Selling!


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