Almost the last word on SUCCESS

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Success really is the measurement of what you accomplish. 

The more you accomplish in less time… 

The more productive you’ll be

The more productive you are

The more sales you make

Lessons Learned… Productivity Secrets of a MADMAN

I talk a lot about the three issues that pre-need sellers miss that holds them back.

I also get into the BIG mistakes.

You can’t manage time.

Time keeps ticking away whether you do something or not.

Time Management is the wrong strategy to focus on.

The correct strategy is “productivity”

How can I get more done in less time?

Your main strategy should be “productive” endeavors that bring you to a sale

If it doesn’t bring you a sale why and what reason are you doing the activity?

My history with Productivity:

When I started in this business plus 13 years ago I was in outside sales and sold pre-need cemetery, eventually adding pre-need funerals. Over the years I’ve gone from a time-management strategy pre-need seller to hardcore PRODUCTIVE-MADMAN.

I’ve become known for achieving more in a couple hours
than most do in a couple of days.

If you’re not focused on “Productivity” your strategy is wrong.

This isn’t time management and the latest greatest time scheduler App, Smartphone, Email, isn’t going to make you more productive.

How to Sell Pre-Need Lessons Learned… Productivity Secrets of a Madman, part 4

Happy Selling!






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