Climbing the ladder to “elite” status

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This question came in…

I’m trying to get started selling pre-need
and certainly want to get to the “elite” level
that you talk about.  How do I jump to the
elite status now?

It’s hard to get to the next level when you’re at no level

Recently I had a check-up at the Dentist’s office

There was a brand-new person helping the Doctor

Every now and then a more experienced “helper” came in the room to assist the Doctor

One thing I noticed immediately was the
experienced “helper” knew what she was doing

Not only could I feel the difference in my mouth
but she seemed to have lots of confidence in
how she did things

Now, I don’t have a problem with
a newbie working on me but

The newbie called for help a lot

And I was very relieved to know there
was a more experienced “helper” near by

There’s a certain confidence that comes with competence

OR, you could say

There’s a certain competence that comes with confidence

The more you “DO” something the better you get and the higher the level of expertise you acquire

It’s hard to jump to the top of the list without
getting past the learning curve

So, my suggestion, dive into all things pre-need

You don’t need years to become an expert but
you do need lots of activity

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Happy Selling!


P.S.  I’m looking at putting together a How To Sell PreNeed Mastermind group if it’s something you’re interested in respond to this post at the bottom of the page


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