Definition of a Renagade revisted

June 20, 2017 by  

It has been almost 9 years since I addressed the definition of a “renegade” and it’s no different today than way back when.

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 I’ve been where you are.  If you’re just beginning, been doing it forever, or somewhere in between.  If you are successful, almost successful, failing miserably or any where in between I’ve been there.

The Key to your Success is to go outside the industry box as well as outside your own box.

Selling pre-arrangements is like nothing you’ve ever done before or probably will do again.  It isn’t easy but…

The rules you think or the way you think you should sell an arrangement’s probably wrong.  And, relying on your co-workers or fellow pre-need sellers is probably wrong as well.

A hugely successful Renegade Pre-Need Seller breaks all the rules of the industry. 

A hugely successful Renegade Pre-Need Seller takes no advice from anyone who hasn’t done it.  The mediocre majority haven’t a clue.

A hugely successful Renegade Pre-Need Seller goes outside the box including their own box.

I did not become successful selling pre-need until I took industry norms and threw them out the window.  If I can do it YOU CAN DO IT!

This site is designed to share the Renegade principles and how you can take these principles and succeed beyond your wildest dreams.  You too can do it.

For starters, grab my daily preneed success strategy by opting in on the top right of this page.

And finally, even if you’re working at a company that does training… head to the catalog page and invest in YOU.

No one can take your knowledge or experience away.  And, no one cares about you and your success quite like YOU.

Happy Selling!


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