Get past the ideas that are restricting your sales

November 19, 2014 by  

Get past ideas that are restricting your income.

“Eat your dinner! Don’t you know there are starving kids in China?”

“You don’t need that. It’s a waste of money.”

“That’s too expensive, the cheaper one will work
just fine for you.”

Did you ever hear one of these (or a version of them)
when you were growing up?

We all have back stories that influence our beliefs and
creep into our reactions to situations.

This month we are talking about people’s “stupid spending”
and how you can get them to spend it with you.

Which is why today we are discussing your back story and,

How it can block you from being on the receiving end of
some of that “stupid spending.”

If you grew up being taught things such as not to be wasteful,

To save your money, to spend wisely and so on,

Then you may not be so keen on the lavish spending we are discussing.

In fact, you might be thinking…What a waste!

That money could be put towards a good cause like feeding the
hungry or cancer research. Or tucked in your retirement nest egg.

You may even feel downright angry, mad, or disappointed when
you witness frivolous spending.

It’s understandable to feel that way, especially when you’ve been
taught certain ideas your whole life.

This can also come from anger and resentment you feel towards yourself.

In your mind you may imagine a highly successful business with
enough income to not only make you feel secure,

But give you the freedom to live your life as you please.

But in reality, you aren’t making the income you imagined
yourself making.

So every time you hear about a business charging some outrageous fee
for a service or product something is sparked inside you,

That reminds you that you aren’t making the money you desire.

So you continue struggling,

Beating yourself up instead of confronting the issue.

How do you stop the cycle?

Well, first you have to let go of the ideas that restrict your income.

Where you find one person spending lots of money,

You’ll find another person being very tight-fisted about it.

So accept that not everyone’s ideas about money and
spending are the same.

And that even if you don’t agree with it,

People will go on spending their money the way they want.

So, how do you take the SALES out of SELLING?

How do you get people to spend money on your

How do you get people to pre-arrange and eliminate the

I’ve scheduled Camp David G8 Preneed Summit,

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Camp David G8 Preneed Summit Agenda

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  4. Productivity (How to throw-out time-management and
    focus on “outcomes” and accomplish more in a few hours
    than most get done in a day).
  5. The way to Success selling pre-arrangements
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