going no-where

August 15, 2013 by  

I love the movie “Paint Your Wagon”


Lee Marvin did a great job


There’s a line in the movie I often quote…


There’s two types of people…
them that’s going somewhere

and them that’s going no where


It really is true for the Pre-need seller


You’re either headed somewhere or nowhere


At least when you’re headed someplace you can always tweak your sails to change the direction


After all, life’s mostly about adjustments


Think about it the next time you’re driving down the road


All you do with the steering wheel is make minor adjustments


But, you can’t adjust the not moving part


That’s why I like the quote from Lee above


Lots of us just starting out are stuck – or we’ve done it for a while and seem stuck – not moving – going “NO” where – plateaued


I think that’s why I get so many requests from fellow Pre-needers wanting to jump start their sales


Anyway, like a car with a dead battery – we all can use a jump start


If that’s you –


Let me tell you what the majority of the coaching I do…


It involves mostly modest tweaks.


Let’s face it…


We’re not stupid, just need a little guidance


And that’s why I put together the “Starter Package” for those
newbies looking for direction


Or, seasoned sellers of pre-need looking for another lead source
and jump-start out of the starting gate.


Send me your name & email, top right of this page for the link.

Already a subscriber?  Look for the link in the next email I send.


Happy Selling!




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