How to be a Pre-Need Warrior

January 22, 2010 by  

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between a so-so seller of pre-arrangements and a pre-need warrior?

No, I’m not talking about production numbers or commissions.  I’m talking the difference between a true warrior and a so-so mediocre producer.

The difference between a premier running back in football and an average back is a half-step.  The premier running back is half-step quicker.  That’s all.

Not much really.

The difference between Premier producing pre-need sellers and average is pretty minor as well.  But, the difference is big because average producers will not do what they have to do to break-out of mediocrity.

So, how do you go from an average producer to a premier achiever selling pre-arrangements?

Three Tips

Tip one:  Do something every day that will bring you closer to a sale.  A few extra phone calls, some letters sent out, prospecting for an hour, work the cemetery grounds, follow-up with a family.  Every single work day should include something to get you closer to a sale.

Tip two:   Develop another niche group to capture.  Start with your own Natural Market, search for Champion Endorser®.  Your cemetery/funeral home has a natural market.  Are you tapping into these markets?

Tip three:  Mindset change.  This is the most difficult.  It isn’t easy changing the way you think.  If you believe you can’t do it, you won’t do it.  I’ll be posting a lot more on mindset changes.  If there were one area you should focus on the most it is this area.

Your own belief system is powerful.  It has taken years for you to develop your outlook.  A good friend of mine is putting together some info on what I would term the “Selling Factor”.

There are some Pre-Need Warriors who seem to be a “natural” at selling.  Those successful warriors are willing, able, and just plain “do” what mediocre producers will not.

Where do you fit in this category?

Can you become a warrior?

I know you can do it.  We’ll cover some of the specific pieces to the puzzle next time.

Happy selling!



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