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Several years back…

Well, really, a lot of years ago, when I was in my late teens…

I worked as an Electrician…

Way back than I was referred to as a “helper”

My job was to help the Journeyman Electrician

But, the most coveted of all jobs was what the Journeyman would strive for

They’d all want the same thing

They’d all want to be Master Electricians

In those days you were considered a Master at your craft at that level

And that’s really what gave me the idea of a mastermind group for pre-need

Several of you have responded to my emails asking if there were any interest in a mastermind group

Because of this I thought I’d share a little bit of history on the subject

Napoleon Hill talked about “Mastermind Groups” that included two or more people. The mastermind group principle allows you to gather more in one year than a life-time because you’re gathering some pretty smart folks together in one room.

Let’s face it, if you put a bunch of “Master’s” at the craft of selling pre-need into a room, there’s no telling what you’d gain

So, if you’re an “elite” seller of pre-arrangements or on the cusp of greatness you only get better by surrounding yourself with masters

To really appreciate how two heads are better than one – and how small groups of really smart people can advance the cause we must explore a little history

President Theodore Roosevelt had “The Tennis Cabinet” – similar to the mastermind group principle

I used to play a lot of tennis and one thing I really enjoyed doing was playing against folks who were better than me…it always made me a better tennis player

Benjamin Franklin had “The Junta” – a group of twelve members focused on improvement. There were rules for the group.

“The Vagabonds” consisted of Henry Ford, Harvey Firestone, President Warren Harding, Thomas Edison, and Luther Burbank.

I gotta think you recognize some of these folks…

But there’s more

C.S. Lewis was part of a small group for years called the Inklings

Many of the most successful folks you’ve ever heard of belong to some type of “Master Group”

When I worked as an Electrician I always admired the MASTER ELECTRICIAN because he/she had mastered the craft

And I think that’s what selling preneed is all about

It’s about mastering the craft of selling pre-arrangements

I would have never made it this far if I weren’t part of a mentor/master group

It’s hard to be the Lone Ranger selling pre-need without some help

That’s why I’ve been talking about getting small groups of people together

Only this group of fellow pre-need sellers will be a little different

I call it

The Pre-Need Master Group

The Pre-Need Master Group is a small (perhaps 12 – 15 per group) with a few ground rules and a purpose of getting better or taking it to the next level

The Master Pre-Need Group isn’t for everybody – but if you find it interesting than respond to this post at the bottom of the page

Happy Selling!


P.S. If you’d like to be part of the “Pre-Need Master Group” simply respond at the bottom of this page


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