Oy Vey, Where to begin?

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I  love my email box.  I love it because after spending time deleting junk I get to the questions you have been submitting.

I often write about the questions….not to insult, but to instruct.  Not to embarrass, but to shine.

You really can shine selling prearrangements.

Don’t think so?  I do…I know you can shine.  I know you can stand out above the rest of the mediocre sellers because you’re doing something none of them will do.

You’re improving your SELF.  You’re reading this site.

A recent question, “How long does it take to really get going?  To really sell lots of pre-need?”

I wish I could have asked, “how long do you think it takes?”

Do you think it will take a year?  A month?  A week?  A day?

Your belief system is very strong and powerful.

Did you know after WWII officially ended there was a Japanese Soldier who didn’t get the news?  Actually, there was more than one.  But, one in particular wouldn’t give up.

Our belief system is pretty powerful.

Lt. Hiroo Onoda was sent by the Japanese army to the remote Philippine island of Lubang.  His mission was to conduct guerilla warfare during the war.  He was never told the war had officially ended, for 29 years.  Oh, he did get some hints in the form of fliers that talked about it.  He continued to live in the jungle, ready when needed eating coconuts and bananas and evading search parties he believed were enemy scouts.

Our belief systems are powerful.

Even though Lt. Onoda was wrong and the war had ended he believed the war never ended.  Belief systems are strong.  It took his former commander to convince him the war was over…29 years after the war ended.

One thing I like to share with pre-need sellers is there is no limit to how much they can sell.

Do you believe you can sell lots of pre-arrangements?

I have a good friend who has studied persuasion and he has shared a few secrets with me about “belief” and how you can change your belief.

He’s putting together some materials I’ll be showing in the near future.

For now, I’ll be putting out tips on how you can change the way you think in order to change what you’re doing in order to sell more pre-need.

There will be some home work, the test will be whether you achieve number one status in your company or beat your own personal records…much like a golfer who wants to beat his personal best game.

The real test is going to be the bank.  The real test will be the deposits you make at the bank.

Happy Selling!


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