The Power of Pre-Need Personality

November 17, 2014 by  

Never one to shy away from saying exactly what he thinks,

Marketing legend Dan Kennedy had more than a few words
to say about being true to your own core philosophy and,

Letting the “real you” come through in your business.

To quote Dan:

“It’s worth noting that many of the most powerful and
successful individuals in business, sports, entertainment, etc.,

Have very strong, very distinctive personalities and are
often arrogant and offensive to many people.

Dallas Cowboys’ owner Jerry Jones immediately
comes to mind.

Above all else, the biggest thing is to be interesting,
in one way or another.

Dull, uninteresting people do not command respect,
attention, or cooperation.”

Kennedy’s public persona is a direct reflection of
his business philosophy:

A No-BS, straight shooting, and the,

“Professor of Harsh Reality.”

He’ll tell you what he thinks is the truth and doesn’t
care much about any ruffled feathers.

The truth is the truth and you’d be wise to deal with it.

That style may appeal to you.

Or, it ,may not.

But regardless, you can’t ignore him.

Which is exactly where you want be.

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