preneed foundations & Christopher Columbus

August 4, 2015 by  

Here is a small piece of interesting
trivia for you…fundamentals are
named fundamentals because,

They are the basic, undisputed
truths of any subject.

New fundamentals are rarely ever
discussed, discovered or

However from time to time there
are new truths that emerge.

One example is the story about
Christopher Columbus and,

How he sailed in search of a short
cut to the east.

Until ol’ Chris sailed, the world
was believed to be flat and it
was known as fact that,

Christopher and his crew were going
to sail right off the edge of the world.

His haphazard discovery of
“the new world” proved that,

The tightly held belief, until
then a truth and,

“A fundamental” totally false.

For those of us in preneed business
it is easy to get side-tracked
with the latest techno-gadget,

And think that there’s, something
new under the sun.

But, when you stay grounded in
preneed business fundamentals,

You’ll soon discover,

You’re not the one heading to the
edge of the world.

That’s really how a proper foundation
to a preneed presentation works,

And can help you with age old preneed
business fundamentals and a newly
discovered truth,

About how to stay grounded with the
old and the new.

The future belongs to those who
take action!

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Happy Selling!





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