Preneed Logan’s Run…

November 21, 2013 by  

So I’m sipping coffee in McDonalds when I notice this kid running through the restaurant when mom yells,


There was a movie called, Logan’s Run, made back in 1976 with a plot line of,

When you turned 30 that was it for you.

Logan, who was an enforcer of the rule would chase runners on the cusp of 30 trying to escape death.

His job was to make sure they’d go voluntarily (sometimes with some force) to be eliminated.

I’m sure the kid running thru McDonalds has a good twenty years to go before he hits 30 years old,

But, in this time of Holidays many of us find ourselves under the gun to get as much business as we can,

Before we run out of time.

Several of my Coaching members have been feeling the pressure as they know time is ticking away,

And there’ll be a day in the not so distant future when everything will stop for the holidays.

Well, my advice to them is the same as my advice to you.

In order to overcome the amount of folks putting you off til next year you’ll need to increase your activity level a lot from now on.

For football fans it’s the equivalent of the two-minute warning.

It requires more of every kind of activity you do to sell Preneed during the holidays.

The snail-mail, monthly publication Preneed Players goes to printer shortly.

Time’s ticking away to grab it before it’s too late.

Go to the top right of this page and send name & email, and I’ll send you a daily-pre-need strategy and link to grab the publication now.

Happy Selling!





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