The Pre-Need Player & The Light-bulb

August 29, 2013 by  

The Preneed Player & The Light bulb

There’s a little known fact about the light bulb
that’s very telling for the Preneed Player

Thomas Edison did not invent the light bulb

In fact, a guy named Humphrey Davy, in 1806,
demonstrated the first electric arc lamp

By 1879 the “lab staff” working for Thomas Edison
determined a long filament would work better
for the incandescent bulb

You see, Edison gets credit for inventing the
light bulb but he didn’t do it on his own

He had a “scientific staff”

Or you could call it a

A Light-bulb Mastermind Group

There’s power in small, tiny, focused, groups
of people with a common cause and purpose

Clarity of purpose or outcome if you will

Thomas Edison didn’t go it alone

And Elite Pre-Need Players (or those on
the cusp of elite-ness)

Don’t go-it-alone

And that’s why I put out my monthly

“Elite” Preneed Players Newsletter

It’s a little edgy, it’s a little controversial,
it’s designed for the elite Pre-need player or
the nearly elite that want to take it to the next level

The September Pre-need Players newsletter
goes to printer shortly

You may get a one-time-offer by going to the top right side of this page, send your name and email

And, I’ll send you a daily pre-need selling strategy and special link

Happy Selling!


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