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If you’d like success, real success, success beyond your wildest dreams than you need to do something different.  Some call it the definition of insanity.

That is to do the same things over and over again expecting different results.

If you want success, real success, success, beyond your wildest dreams than you need to do something different.  You cannot expect to achieve massive success doing the same thing you’ve been doing expecting different results.  It defies common sense.

In order to achieve real success you’ll need to become a “productive madman”.

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Most people are prevented from success because of barriers, we don’t even realize, that are nothing more than standard operating procedure for society and the 99% percenters.  Those barriers are what society tells us we ought to do.

One of the biggest mistakes the average seller of pre-arrangements makes is turning attention to “time-management” as the primary strategy for improving productivity.

This is a huge mistake.

Time-management is not the answer to getting more done.  Your day-timer or schedule is not the answer to getting more done.  Managing time is not the answer to getting things done.  The big mistake is to focus on time from the perspective of somehow managing your time.

There are three main issues; “lack of motivation”, “no pressure”, and the wrong strategy (usually time-management).

The first issue (lack of motivation) for most Pre-Need Sellers is a lack of reasons to make 6-figures selling ($100,000 + a year in income).  It’s really about not having enough reasons to make 6-figures in income.

The second issue (no pressure) is a lack of deadlines to get things done.  Pre-Need Sellers typically need a deadline as they generally wait until the last second to get it done.  Without a deadline there is no pressure to get it done.

The third issue is focusing on the wrong strategy, such as time management/schedulers, day-timers, and more.  You can’t manage time.  Time keeps ticking away whether you do something or not.  Time Management is the wrong strategy to focus on.

The correct strategy is “productivity”.

How can I get more done in less time?  Your main strategy should be “productive” endeavors that bring you to a sale, for example.  If it doesn’t bring you a sale why and what reason are you doing the activity?

My history with Productivity:

When I started in this business plus 13 years ago I was in outside sales and sold pre-need cemetery, eventually adding pre-need funerals.  Over the years I’ve gone from time-management to hardcore PRODUCTIVE-MADMAN.  I’ve become known for achieving more in a couple hours than most do in a couple of days.  If you’re not focused on “Productivity” your strategy is wrong.  Time management and the latest greatest time scheduler App, Smartphone, Email, isn’t going to make you more productive.

I’ve taken productivity to a whole new level.  It’s more than time-blocking my schedule.  It’s more than start-times and end-times to appointments.

It is “scripting” my day.

It is much like a television show accounting for every minute of the show.  I’m accounting for my time in “real time” not by the end of the month, or week, or day.  I’m measuring results of activities as they happen.

My success is a result of extreme productivity without taking extreme measures.

I have zero tolerance for unproductive activity.  Think of it this way.  About 20% of the time you spend is productive.  Only about 20% of our efforts give you 80% of the results.  If 20% of your efforts get you 80% of your income how many more sales could you make by increasing your productivity?  What if you could double your productivity within 20% of your time?  How much more success would you achieve while spending no more time than current efforts?

I began my career totally focused on my time and managing it (BIG MISTAKE).

It wasn’t until I began to focus on “productivity” that I became really successful selling pre-arrangements.  My formula is to research, plan and implement.  Instead of implementing sequentially I implement simultaneously.  My goal is to continually increase my productivity.  It’s not time I focus on it is how much I can accomplish within a set time.

Whatever activity it took you to meet two families in a week double those efforts in the same amount of time and meet four families, then double it again.  It is about isolating the productive activities you do.  Multi-tasking doesn’t work.  One task at a time, uninterrupted.

I have systems in place.

In my report; How To Write A Newsletter In 6 Minutes Or Less, I talk about how to speed up my work.  Everything is about speed.  I need to get more done in less time.

Plus, I focus on the activities that make me money.  You really need to know where your money is coming from.  It took me awhile to do the “right” work that brings in the

sales.  And by eliminating the time-wasters from my daily life I’ve become even more productive.

Hence; a productive madman.

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